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Alliance For Aviation Across America
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General Aviation and Your Local Airport
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Help support the Alliance and contact your elected officials today! General aviation and local airports serve as a lifeline to many rural and small communities, supporting health care, disaster relief, law enforcement and a host of other important services and resources. Send your elected officials a letter asking them to support and recognize the importance of general aviation.

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Your Story

Across the country, Alliance members are speaking out about the importance of general aviation. The Alliance would like to invite you to share your thoughts and how you use general aviation. By sharingyour story, future visitors to the site will get a unique insight into the role general aviation plays in local community and state. Share your story today!

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Local Media

Help the Alliance spread the word about the importance of general aviation! Learn how you can gain exposure for your business or organization and help share the positive benefits of general aviation to those within your community. Contact the Alliance today to learn how you can effectively reach out to your local media.

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Own Video

Tell us how you use general aviation or your local airport and what it means to you, your organization and your local community. Share your video here. Provide your name, email, state and a link to the video. If you would like to upload a video, click here

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Upload your video and share your personal contribution to general aviation and your business’ impact on your community and the nation. Submit Your Story >>>

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Choose an issue below to find out more about key issues impacting general aviation and airports across the country.

& Resolutions

Across the United States, Governors from all 50 states have signed proclamations recognizing the importance of aviation industry. To see what has passed in your state, choose from the list below.

Contact Your Mayor

The Alliance recently released a petition from over 160 Mayors from 48 states to President Obama calling on the President to recognize the value of general aviation. We need your help to reach out to your Mayor or City/Town Manager to sign the petition and tell the President to support general aviation and airports, which are a crucial lifeline to communities around the country.


Member Spotlight

Atmos, Inc

ATMOS Inc. provides environmental consulting to clients throughout Hawaii. Based in Kapolei, HI, ATMOS depends on its Commander 112 aircraft to fly between the Hawaiian Islands for meetings with clients and to maintain air quality monitoring equipment.

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