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Summary of Economic Impact of General Aviation in New Mexico

Denotes general aviation airports.
Denotes general aviation heliports.

General aviation in New Mexico contributes $761 million to the state’s economy. The state’s aviation industry supports $3.1 billion in economic activity annually.


There are 61 public-use airports in the state, serving 5,053 pilots and 3,411 general aviation aircraft.


According to the 2009 New Mexico Airport System Plan Update, aviation supports over 48,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in payroll.


General aviation is vital to many businesses in New Mexico, which use these aircraft to move personnel, equipment, and products. According to a 2006 Merge Global study, general aviation in New Mexico contributes $761 million to the state’s economy.

A 2009 New Mexico Airport System Plan Update found that the state’s aviation industry supports $3.1 billion in economic activity annually.

New Mexico is home to 21 charter flight companies, 21 airport repair stations, and 8 flight schools operating 43 aircraft and providing 119 jobs. In addition, there are 40 fixed-based operators in the state. San Juan College in Farmington, NM is a member of the University Aviation Association.


"I do believe with the schools like the SAMS Academy, the dedicated aviation academy out at Double Eagle Airport, along with our university system here that we can creatively grow and foster our young folks moving forward in aviation and aerospace careers." - Bill McMillan of the New Mexico Aviation-Aerospace Association. (KRQE, October 24, 2012)


To learn more about the impact of aviation in New Mexico, visit the New Mexico Department of Transportation site.

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Air Care Alliance (ACA)

The Air Care Alliance is a national non-profit organization comprised of humanitarian flying organizations in the United States dedicated to community service through general aviation. The Air Care Alliance (ACA) promotes, supports, and represents public benefit flying by facilitating flights for health and community service. Not only does the ACA list organizations specializing in patient and medical transport, but they also list non-patient transport missions such as search and rescue, emergency preparedness, international work, and environmental flying.



CEMCO Inc., a Veteran and Woman Owned business, has been designing and manufacturing crushing, mining, industrial, and agricultural equipment since 1962. CEMCO Inc. has approximately forty employees. Company president, Neil Hise, uses a general aviation aircraft to enhance and grow the business. The aircraft makes CEMCO, Inc. extremely responsive to sight inspections, meetings with clients, potential customers, and the research of new products.


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