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General Aviation and Your Local Airport
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Unfortunately, many misperceptions persist about the general aviation and its importance for our national economy and rural communities around the country.  By working with us to share your story about how general aviation or your local airport helps your business or local community, we can raise awareness about the importance of these aircraft as a lifeline forcountless cities and towns across our country, whether it is through supporting commerce, helping to deliver medical care, law enforcement, disaster relief or a host other important services or resources.

Please work with us to share your story and help provide the general public and lawmakers a better understanding about the importance of the industry and community airports.

If you are interested in learning how you can get involved and be a part of our ongoing media outreach, please contact Devin Osting at (202) 223-9523.

State-by-State Economic Impact

Learn about the impact of general aviation on local economies and communities, and how it drives over 1.2 million jobs and billions in economic activity.

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States which have passed proclamations.

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