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Press Clips

Bedaw/My Turn: Economic Impact Takes Flight From Orange Airport

Publication: THE RECORDER
Publication Date: 2015-03-30
Publication Author: Len Bedaw

In a report released last month by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Orange Municipal Airport was credited with a $13.9 million annual economic impact on western Massachusetts.

LETTER: General Aviation: Business Tool and Community Lifeline

Publication Date: 2015-03-30
Publication Author: Lou Luttrell

Time is an expense that few business owners can afford. In today’s highly competitive economy it has become essential to maximize efficiency and productivity. As a pilot for nearly 30 years, I have seen many of the ways that personal aircraft can help organizations and companies accomplish just that.

Textron Aviation Expands Support for Hawker Jets

Publication Date: 2015-03-30
Publication Author: Daniel McCoy

Textron Aviation has announced it will expand its ProAdvantage product support programs to multiple Hawker brand jets.

Taking Flight: Program Introduces Youngsters to Aviation

Publication Date: 2015-03-30
Publication Author: DK McDonald

More than 70 children lined up before 8 a.m. Saturday to participate in the Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles program through a free plane ride at Sun Valley Airport’s Open House

Aviation Experts Present Options for Major ATC Reform

Publication Date: 2015-03-30
Publication Author: Woodrow Bellamy III

During a House Subcommittee on Aviation hearing last week, lawmakers heard testimony from experts across different segments of the aviation industry deciphering the possibility of removing the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) from within the FAA.

FAA Extends NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption for Members

Publication: AVIATION PROS
Publication Date: 2015-03-30

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved its request to extend NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption for a 12-month period, expiring on March 31, 2016.

Tioga Airport Adds Aero Center for Aviation Services

Publication Date: 2015-03-29
Publication Author: Jill Schramm

A welcome mat has been laid at the Tioga Airport. A gradual startup led to Tioga Aero Center becoming established in January as a fixed-base operator providing aviation services at the airport.

$20B Project Building Highway in the Sky Using GPS

Publication: USA TODAY
Publication Date: 2015-03-29
Publication Author: Trevor Hughes

Air traffic controllers across the country are in the middle of a $20 billion, 20-year modernization project to improve airline travel in a way most passengers will never even notice. The Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen project uses GPS technology and better flight computers to more precisely track where planes are in the sky, allowing them to fly shorter, more direct routes while saving fuel and providing smoother, quieter landings for passengers

Maine Employer Teams with Ben Affleck on Award-Winning Project

Publication: SUN JOURNAL
Publication Date: 2015-03-28
Publication Author: Seth Koenig

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association this month reported that Academy Award winner Ben Affleck, who has earned Hollywood honors for silver screen hits such as “Good Will Hunting” and “Argo,” has paired with a Maine employer to earn an honor of a different sort.

CHP Helicopter Rescues Hiker Stranded On Cliff Near Yosemite Falls

Publication Date: 2015-03-28

CHP officers offered a rare glimpse inside an aerial rescue operation on Saturday. One of the officers’ helmet cameras was rolling when officers in a helicopter hoisted up a stranded hiker from a ledge hundreds of feet high in Yosemite National Park this morning.

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State-by-State Economic Impact

The Alliance for Aviation Across America, together with the League of Rural Voters, Air Care Alliance, National Agricultural Aviation Association, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council and National Association of State Aviation Officials, recently launched a wide-scale economic impact survey to outline the benefit of general aviation on businesses, local economies and communities around the nation.

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