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Press Clips

Harvest Fly-in Set for Oct. 1

Publication: DOTHAN EAGLE
Publication Date: 08/26/2016

The Headland Municipal Airport will bring back one of its former main attractions.

In the past, the Headland Municipal Airport held an annual fly-in, but, over time, the event dropped off the airport’s activity list.

“It has been around five or six years since we hosted a fly-in event,” said Pete Crews, airport manager. “During that time we have been asked on numerous occasions to bring this event back, and that is what we are doing.”

This year’s event will help kick off Headland’s Harvest Day activities. The event is scheduled for Oct. 1 at 8 a.m.

“This event is

Volunteer Pilots Sought: Redlands Police Recruiting for Air Support Unit

Publication: BANNING PATCH
Publication Date: 08/26/2016
Publication Author: DE CASTILLO

The Redlands Police Department is recruiting volunteer pilots to participate in its Air Support Unit, RedHawk1.

Pilots must be at least 21 years old with at least a private pilot’s license, current medical certificate and a minimum 300 Pilot in Command hours of flight time in a fixed-wing, general aviation aircraft with significant time in a Cessna 172.

Volunteer pilots will be required to pass a background check, drug test and interview as well as explain their reason for volunteering and their flight experience. They will also be required to pass a flight test.

Those selected must be able to

Punta Gorda Airport Isn’t Only About Airlines

Publication: NEWS-PRESS
Publication Date: 08/26/2016
Publication Author: LAURA RUANE

Maybe you’ve flown Allegiant Air to one of the 30 destinations it serves from Punta Gorda Airport.

Or you’re looking forward to Oct. 30, when Frontier Airlines launches service between Punta Gorda and Chicago O’Hare, Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey.

But did you know that before commercial aviation really took off in Punta Gorda, a diverse mix of tenants kept the airport aloft financially?

Many of them are still there, making a difference at the airport some 20 miles north of downtown Fort Myers.

“One thing people don’t understand is that we’re really just a big landlord,” said James Parrish,

Westfield Technical Academy Program Receiving FAA Approval

Publication: WWLP
Publication Date: 08/25/2016
Publication Author: SY BECKER

Technical high schools in Massachusetts are growing more sophisticated, and one school in Westfield has received a distinction that only two other schools in the entire country have reached.

Westfield Technical Academy has received the FAA’s blessing for its aviation maintenance technology program. Fourteen students at the school have been taking part in the program since late last year.

This is only the third such program in a high school that the FAA has approved, and the first in Massachusetts.

When these students graduate from Westfield Technical Academy, they can go on to college or further their training in various

Phoenix-Mesa Airport Gets $9 Million Grant for Airfield Reconstruction Project

Publication: KTAR
Publication Date: 08/25/2016

PHOENIX — The airfield at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway International Airport will soon have a new look, thanks in part to a more than $9 million federal grant.

The grant — which totals $9,126,000 — will help pay for the replacement of concrete first laid in 1941, when the airport served as a base for training fighter pilots. The area is referred to as the North Apron Area.

“Major undertakings like the North Apron reconstruction project don’t happen without strong support from our Congressional delegation and our partners at the FAA and Arizona Department of Transportation,” Interim Executive Director/CEO J. Brian O’Neill

Aviation Alliance Seeks Wright Factory

Publication Date: 2016-08-25
Publication Author: THOMAS GNAU

An organization responsible for preserving sites key to aviation history is negotiating for the purchase of the former Wright factory buildings in Dayton, the world’s first purpose-built manufacturing site for airplanes.

Home Avenue Redevelopment, the private entity that owns the factory buildings and surrounding 54 acres of property, is negotiating with the National Aviation Heritage Alliance on the purchase.

The historic property is about halfway between downtown and the Veteran Affairs Medical Center off West Third Street, between Third and U.S. 35, which runs to the south of the site.

Aviation pioneers and Dayton residents Orville and Wilbur Wright built

U.S. House Rep. LaHood Champions Small Airports

Publication: AIN ONLINE
Publication Date: 2016-08-25
Publication Author: KERRY LYNCH

Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.) highlighted the value of general aviation at a round-table this week at Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport in Peoria, Ill. The first-term representative, whose father is former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, partnered with AOPA to host the round-table of general aviation stakeholders and pilots to discuss issues confronting small airports.

“General aviation allows businesses to efficiently transport people, goods and products across the nation, and is therefore responsible for $219 billion in total economic output in the U.S. and $37 million in the 18th district of Illinois,” he said, noting the role smaller airports play in linking

MOSSWORDS: John Secor Guides Clark Regional Airport

Publication Date: 08/25/2016
Publication Author: DALE MOSS

John Secor pointed here and there on a blueprint of Clark Regional Airport. This will be expanded, he said. That can be added.

He went on. Secor’s hopes soar like does the UPS jet he pilots when not managing this place. “People don’t realize,” he said. “This is a gold mine for the community.”

Will skeptics convert? Will the apathetic care? This airport has its best-ever chance to stand out. After debate and more debate, backers just won enough money to add on to a runway and to upgrade aging amenities.

If the $20 million proves well-spent, more businesses literally

Roundtable Focuses on Supporting GA in Illinois

Publication: AOPA
Publication Date: 08/25/2016
Publication Author: ELIZABETH TENNYSON

AOPA joined Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.) to host a roundtable event to discuss general aviation, small airports, and the transportation issues facing rural communities.

Some 30 people representing all aspects of the GA community from pilots to business owners took part in the forum, which included a tour of the facilities at Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport in Peoria, Illinois, where the Aug. 23 event was held.

“General aviation supports 42,400 jobs and contributes more than $9 billion in output to the Illinois economy, and as a member of the general aviation caucus, Congressman Darin LaHood understands this well,” said AOPA

Learning to Fly the Friendly Skies

Publication Date: 2016-08-24
Publication Author: RAINA LEGARRETA

Many people may wonder if the dreams of one becoming a pilot or building planes are still prevalent among the youth.

Although becoming a “master techie” by means of sitting in front of a computer all day is prevalent among much of the youth, many of them still bear the goals of hopping into a cockpit one day and becoming a proficient aviator – or building the next souped-up aircraft.

Future top guns of aviation will have a chance to learn about planes, flying and more firsthand at the Multicultural Festival when Michael Perez of the Youth Eagles Aviation and

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The Alliance for Aviation Across America, together with the League of Rural Voters, Air Care Alliance, National Agricultural Aviation Association, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council and National Association of State Aviation Officials, recently launched a wide-scale economic impact survey to outline the benefit of general aviation on businesses, local economies and communities around the nation.

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