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Santa Monica Airport Helps Out

November 8, 2016

Santa Monic Airport (SMO) is just 10 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, but has its own local and unique impact on its own local community.  Generating $250 million in annual economic impact, SMO has been home to 175 businesses and supports thousands of jobs.  

But it doesn’t stop there – here are four ways that SMO is giving back to the local community:

         By partnering with non-profits like the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Santa Monica Airport encourages local youth to explore science, technology, engineering and math through programs like “Young Eagles Day.” For example, the airport has a “meet a pilot and plane” held multiple times each month.

         SMO has also played host to a number of high profile events including the 2016 Critics Choice Awards , the Oscar Wilde Awards and will be the site for the The California Fresh Green Carpet Awards in December 2016. 

         SMO has supported a number of local, charitable initiatives, including Southern California’s holiday toy drive “Spark of Love,” a program by firefighters that collects and distributes toys to needy boys and girls. For the third year running, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) bases its Super Saturday fundraiser out of the airport to raise funds for the oldest and largest charity in the US funding ovarian cancer research.

         The airport also hosts the Museum of Flying, its vintage aircraft displays, and the Santa Monica Airport Observation Decks.  Self-guided tours of the airport are encouraged and minibus tours are provided.  And, the SMO Airport Artwalk is now in its 10th year and hosts space for local artists to showcase their art.

Anyone looking for more information about the airport and any particular events are encouraged to reach out to the Santa Monica Airport Association, The Barker Hanger and The Museum of Flying.

Bob Hoover, Aviation Legend, Dies at 94

October 28, 2016

Aviation groups and leaders around the country this week remembered legendary aviator, Bob Hoover.  Hoover’s many accomplishments his distinguished career in the Army Air Corps, and later the Air Force, a combat pilot in World War II and the Korean War, and a test pilot during the early development of jet propulsion and the inception of supersonic flight.  He has received hundreds of military and aviation awards, including the prestigious Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy in 2014.  See below for some of the many personal tributes to a great man, a legend, and an inspiration for millions of aspiring aviators and generations to come.





New York Times

Huntington, WV Mayor Williams Joins AAAA Board

October 24, 2016

The Alliance for Aviation Across America recently welcomed Mayor Steve Williams of Huntington, West Virginia as the newest member of its Board of Directors.

“I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Aviation Across America,” Mayor Williams said. “As the Mayor of a community that relies heavily on general aviation and our local airport, I understand firsthand the importance of reliable air service to our community’s economic growth and access to critical services.”

According to WVDOT and the Contribution of General Aviation to the US Economy Study, West Virginia is home to 17 general aviation airports and supports 5,300 jobs, resulting in $256 million in labor income. 

“We are thrilled that Mayor Williams has joined the Alliance Board of Directors,” stated Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association and the President of the Alliance’s Board of Directors. “Mayor Williams brings invaluable experience and perspectives as the leader of a community that relies extensively on general aviation and our aviation infrastructure.  We look forward to working with him on issues impacting aviation and rural communities.

To learn more click here.

Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition

May 2, 2016


Since 1989, the Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition has been helping to advocate on behalf of aviation in New Jersey. Their mission is to preserve New Jersey’s public use airports and improve their safety and capacity. MAAC is launching aviation safety seminars across the state later this month. The group works in particular to educate the public and members of the New Jersey State Legislature about the benefits of general aviation and the potential impact of legislation on this form of transportation.

On May 2nd – 6th 2016, MAAC will host the General Aviation Appreciation Week at the New Jersey Statehouse. All week, there will be exhibitions and presentations to all members of the New Jersey Legislature about general aviation and its impact in New Jersey.

The MAAC, the New Jersey Aviation Association, and the Alliance for Aviation Across America coordinated with the Governor’s Office on a proclamation declaring May 2016 General Aviation Appreciation Month in the State of New Jersey. The proclamation was called for by State Senate and General Assembly resolutions that Governor Chris Christie signed.  The legislation was a result of work begun by Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition Vice President Bob Checchio and Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, and had enormous bipartisan support.

To learn more about the MAAC – NEW JERSEY, check out their Facebook and website.

Tell Congress: Don’t Put Big Airlines In Charge

March 16, 2016

We need you to take a couple of minutes to help protect communities and businesses around the country. Currently, the big airlines are pushing a proposal to take away public oversight over our air traffic control system.

Will you say no to this proposal?

This bill would privatize air traffic control and give big airlines unprecedented authority over our nation’s air traffic system – including the ability to raise fees and make decisions about access and funding of airports that could pose a significant threat to communities and airports of all sizes, as well as other sectors of aviation.

That is why this week we’ve launched a new petition to ask Congress to stand firmly against any attempts to privatize air traffic control.

Congress must pass legislation to fund the FAA before a March 31st deadline, so please add your voice.

Sign the petition today.

Thank you!

Alliance for Aviation Across America

PS. Once you’ve signed the petition, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter!

Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

March 7, 2016

The history of aviation is filled with many examples of groundbreaking men, but there are also many women who were pioneers of flight. Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, this year March 7 to 13, seeks to honor female aviators and increase awareness about the opportunities available for both women and men in aviation. Raymonde de la Roche, the first woman to receive a pilot’s license, and Harriet Quimby, the first woman to fly across the English Channel in 1912, are two of this year’s honorees.

Click here to learn more about the celebration and how you can get involved

Who are your aviation heroes?

Aviation Charities and Local Airports Are Spreading Holiday Spirit

December 18, 2015

The general aviation community is spreading holiday cheer and happiness through fly-ins and charity drives across the country. Local airports like this one are centers for their communities, helping young and old come together to celebrate.

Santa Fly-Ins are a great way to get kids excited about aviation or teach people about their community airport. These events also benefit local charities, like Angel Flight West’s drive to collect and deliver school supplies to Title One schools.

Ohio’s Governor Declares General Aviation Appreciation Month

December 11, 2015

This December, the Alliance is thrilled to announce that Governor John Kasich of Ohio issued a proclamation recognizing the important role of aviation and general aviation in Ohio.  The proclamation notes that general aviation plays a critical role for businesses and farms across the state and that aviation manufacturing supports many local jobs.

General aviation is a business resource and an economic driver for numerous communities across the country. In Ohio, general aviation airports account for $1.8 billion in annual economic output and support over 17,497 jobs. General aviation also provides valuable healthcare delivery services and supports law enforcement and disaster relief.

We thank the Governor and his staff for their work on this proclamation.

To view the Ohio proclamation, click here.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators

December 7, 2015

Programs across the US are teaching young people about the amazing career opportunities in the general aviation industry.  Part of the national attention getting kids involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, these programs hope to inspire kids by showcasing aviation.

One program transformed a classroom into a flight simulator to put students in the pilot seat. The variety of aviation jobs in their community impressed these California high schoolers.

Texas Governor Issues Proclamation Recognizing the Importance of Aviation

November 16, 2015

This November, the Alliance is thrilled to announce that Governor Greg Abbot of Texas issued a proclamation that recognizes the important role of aviation and general aviation in Texas.

General aviation is a business resource and an economic driver for numerous communities across the country. In Texas, general aviation accounts for $14.5 billion in annual economic output and supports over 56,000 jobs. General aviation also provides valuable healthcare delivery services and supports law enforcement and disaster relief.

We thank the Governor and his staff for their work on this proclamation.

To view the Texas proclamation, click here.

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