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Aviation Charities and Local Airports Are Spreading Holiday Spirit

December 18, 2015

The general aviation community is spreading holiday cheer and happiness through fly-ins and charity drives across the country. Local airports like this one are centers for their communities, helping young and old come together to celebrate.

Santa Fly-Ins are a great way to get kids excited about aviation or teach people about their community airport. These events also benefit local charities, like Angel Flight West’s drive to collect and deliver school supplies to Title One schools.

Ohio’s Governor Declares General Aviation Appreciation Month

December 11, 2015

This December, the Alliance is thrilled to announce that Governor John Kasich of Ohio issued a proclamation recognizing the important role of aviation and general aviation in Ohio.  The proclamation notes that general aviation plays a critical role for businesses and farms across the state and that aviation manufacturing supports many local jobs.

General aviation is a business resource and an economic driver for numerous communities across the country. In Ohio, general aviation airports account for $1.8 billion in annual economic output and support over 17,497 jobs. General aviation also provides valuable healthcare delivery services and supports law enforcement and disaster relief.

We thank the Governor and his staff for their work on this proclamation.

To view the Ohio proclamation, click here.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators

December 7, 2015

Programs across the US are teaching young people about the amazing career opportunities in the general aviation industry.  Part of the national attention getting kids involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, these programs hope to inspire kids by showcasing aviation.

One program transformed a classroom into a flight simulator to put students in the pilot seat. The variety of aviation jobs in their community impressed these California high schoolers.

Texas Governor Issues Proclamation Recognizing the Importance of Aviation

November 16, 2015

This November, the Alliance is thrilled to announce that Governor Greg Abbot of Texas issued a proclamation that recognizes the important role of aviation and general aviation in Texas.

General aviation is a business resource and an economic driver for numerous communities across the country. In Texas, general aviation accounts for $14.5 billion in annual economic output and supports over 56,000 jobs. General aviation also provides valuable healthcare delivery services and supports law enforcement and disaster relief.

We thank the Governor and his staff for their work on this proclamation.

To view the Texas proclamation, click here.

Expert Urges Caution on Changes to Air Traffic Control System

November 9, 2015

An aviation industry expert wants any discussion of changes to the structure and funding of U.S. Air Traffic Control to be guided by one principle: First, Do No Harm.

Before considering proposals to change, he argues, lawmakers should consider the impact on various stakeholders and constituencies such as business and general aviation, local communities and their airports.

General aviation and local airports are lifelines to small and rural communities, providing access for business, as well as critical services like medical, law-enforcement, firefighting, and disaster response. It is important to ensure their voice is heard in proposals to change the U.S. air traffic control system.

To read the full Brookings FixGov Blog piece, click here.

Veterans Airlift Command

November 2, 2015

General aviation pilots have big hearts and nothing showcases that more than the volunteers of Veterans Airlift Command (VAC).

This network of general aviation pilots is committed to helping post 9/11 combat wounded veterans and their families get access to the care they need. Often veterans require specialized care that may require them to travel long distances or separate them from their families. Or medical conditions make airline travel especially difficult.  Pilots from VAC donate their time and flight costs to ensure the vets get the first class treatment they deserve.  The 2,500 VAC volunteer pilots have flown over 10,000 passengers since its inception in 2006.

In one recent mission, a VAC team enabled Marine Sgt. Peck to enjoy a friend’s wedding and be prepared for a last–minute arm transplant call, by delivering him to Dallas from the North East, and having the aircraft and crew stand-by all weekend for an immediate departure to Johns Hopkins should a donor become available (Peck has to be within 6 hours of the operating room at all times).

Veterans Airlift Command is kicking off the holiday season, their busiest time of the year, with Hero Flight 2015, where attendees can learn more about their mission and catch a private concert with Jerrod Niemann. VAC is dedicated to ensuring that these wounded warriors are able to spend the holiday with their families; if you’d like to learn more or register to fly missions, check out their website.

General Aviation Supports Rescue & Disaster Relief in South Carolina Floods

October 9, 2015

The Alliance would like to thank all the emergency responders and volunteers who were in South Carolina this past week helping respond to the terrible flooding.

 General aviation aircraft are vital to help search & rescue, transport medical and relief personnel, keep people informed, and deliver aid to those in need.  Aviation rescue teams and responders play a critical role in our nation’s response to natural disasters.  Emergency personnel, news organizations and volunteer pilots are able to access areas which are unreachable.

 Click here to see a video of helicopter rescue crews & click here to learn about one of the volunteer pilot organizations working in South Carolina. 

Pilots N Paws  

September 25, 2015

General aviation doesn’t just connect people, it can also help rescue animals find loving homes.

In Colorado and Indiana this week, private pilots in the Pilots N Paws network flew rescue dogs from shelters to their new families in other states. Being able to fly the animals to different states opens up a larger area, helping increase the chance of adoption particularly for large or disabled pets. Pilots N Paws is a national non-profit connecting pilots and plane owners who volunteer to transport animals and shelters and rescues across the country. Today, Pilots N Paws has over 5000 pilot volunteers helping save thousands of animals. 

Learn more about the important work that Pilots N Paws does on their website.

Organizations Release National Poll Results Showing Voter Opposition to ATC Privatization

September 18, 2015

The Alliance for Aviation Across America, the League of Rural Voters, and the Air Care Alliance released the results of a recent survey on privatization of our air traffic control system. The poll, conducted by Global Strategies Group between August 8 and August 12, showed that the majority of voters oppose privatizing the air traffic control function of the FAA and turning it over to a private, non-profit entity by a nearly two-to-one margin. Notably, opposition to FAA privatization crossed both party lines and other demographic groups.

Even when voters supported privatizing government services generally, they did not support privatizing the ATC functions of the FAA. This may be related to the fact that voters also rate the FAA positively on managing ATC: 80% of those polled say the FAA does an excellent or good job. Voters are very clearly expressing an if-it-ain’t-broke attitude about the FAA and privatization. 

To view a memo summarizing the more details about the survey, please click here.

To view the results of the poll, please click here.

Since 1985, the League of Rural Voters has been helping rural Americans harness their power at the ballot box. We provide the training, tools, and communications support that people need to organize their communities, hold policymakers accountable and bring about change. The League has over 6300 members in 18 states. We bring energy and focus to the critical conversations about the future of rural America.

The Air Care Alliance promotes, supports, and represents public benefit flying through communication and cooperation among organizations facilitating flights for health, compassion, and community service

Formed in 2007, the Alliance for Aviation Across America is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of more than 6,300 individuals representing businesses, agricultural groups FBO’s, small airports, elected officials, charitable organizations, and leading business and aviation groups that support the interest of the general aviation community across various public policy issues.

– See more at: http://www.aviationacrossamerica.com/organizations-release-national-poll-results-showing-voter-opposition-to-atc-privatization/#sthash.UCXDg0ro.dpuf

New York and Nebraska Governors Issue Proclamations Recognizing the Importance of Aviation

May 20, 2015

This May, the Alliance is thrilled to announce that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska have issued proclamations that recognize the important role of aviation and general aviation in their states.

General aviation is a business resource and an economic driver for numerous communities across the country. In New York, general aviation accounts for over $7 billion in total economic output and 37,800 jobs, and in Nebraska, general aviation has an economic output of $1.2 billion annually and supports 7,900 jobs. General aviation also provides valuable healthcare delivery services and supports law enforcement and disaster relief.

We thank the Governors and their staff for their work on these proclamations.

To view the Nebraska proclamation click here

To view the New York proclamation click here

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